Guidle AG

Cloud Development, Custom Software Development, Project Management

Project Challenge

Guidle AG is a digital advertisement delivering company. Their providers transfer ads to guidle and they handle publishing them in relevant media outlets after being reviewed by an editorial team. The company aids visitors in finding topic-related ads, advertisers in gaining an additional advertising channel and content providers in opening an effective distribution mechanism and gaining a competitive advantage.

Project Solution

Deavensoft has complete responsibility for the Guidle IT needs, from designing and implementing the solution to installing and monitoring the on-premise and cloud infrastructure. The main application is implemented using Java with the Spring framework and the PostgreSQL database. Along with the main application instances, several microservices are running, having different responsibilities. The search component provides robust and fast search capabilities implemented on the top of the Apache Lucene. There are also other microservices for automatic sending of the event reminders and search subscriptions WhatsApp and email messages; multiple instances of ads image downloading and storing to Amazon AWS S3, bots for supporting the content editors work, PDF reports generator, to name a few. Both on-premise Docker and Amazon AWS infrastructure and services we constantly monitored using Zabbix and react when needed.

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