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Project Challenge

ROGGENART in German means: “The art of rye”. Their breads are in the true sense of the word bakery art. Theirs art starts from a careful selection of rye, from rye fields in Lower Austria. They know the origin of each grain of our rye breads. A small family-run mill with a long tradition of milling is turning this pure and natural rye into flour we are using for theirs breads. Knead for our bread also comes from Austria – made by traditional ages old recipes, and require special attention and training in the making process.

When working with food products, ensuring freshness and timely turnover of products is essential for delivering quality product to customers. Using a first in first out method of inventory accounting, bakeries can delegate raw materials for use in product production in order of receipt date.

Project Solution

Deavensoft Inventory solution handles every step of the production process, tracking raw materials, accounting for waste and byproducts, and using lot tracking to ensure the path a product takes can be viewed at any point in time. Should a product recall be necessary, speedy and accurate tracking and tracing forward and backward in production or delivery is essential to limit the size and cost of the recall.

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